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Premium Filter Coffee Powder

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  • The perfect way to start a day.
  • The aroma that takes you up the peak of energy and freshness. The beans from South India, handpicked and roasted with utmost care. No matter how bad your day is but a strong fragrant Saga Filter Coffee can stimulate you well enough.
  • Available in 7.05 Oz (200g)

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Filter Coffee Powder 80/20 (80% Coffee & 20% Chicory).
When people think of Filter Coffee, they usually think of its ability to provide an energy boost. Here is SAGA Filter Coffee with 80% Coffee and 20% Chicory. The authentic coffee with a woody and nutty flavour. Filter Coffee is always known as a stress buster.
The very thought of coffee energizes you even after a hectic work schedule. However, coffee’s benefits cannot be restricted to a mere energy boost, it is far beyond that. It has host of health benefits. Coffee is indeed very stimulating and has vitamin benefits too.
A cup of SAGA Filter Coffee can boost your energy level. A coffee aficionado will have magnified energy levels and an augmented lifetime.
Coffee is one’s cosy personal space. SAGA bestows on you the finest Filter Coffee. A cup of aromatic hot filter coffee from SAGA, that’s all you want after a long day.
It has a shelf life of 6 to 8 months. This product is available in a package of 200 grams.

41 reviews for Premium Filter Coffee Powder

  1. mohd shakib

    My daily dose of morning coffee !!

  2. Anil kumar

    This awesome coffee comes from the house of SAGA, that’s it. If you have a percolater then it’s flavour comes out very nice. If you can add milk froth then you never have to go to any coffee shop. Fantastic product, freshly ground with heavenly flavour. Thanks SAGA for this.

  3. har parsad

    For me coffee is not for taste. I have black coffee
    everyday as caffein shots. Hence, I am always
    on the look out for deals on coffee.
    This one is good for a daily dose of a bitter drink
    that keeps my brain awake.

  4. sarvesh

    I just love drinking coffee and I keep ordering different brands online. I am not a coffee expert. And this is a good tasting product which I loved. A deep, strong brew which can rejuvenate you at anytime of the day or evening…

  5. Abdul

    I have become a fan of Saga coffee. Been using it from last two months.

  6. mukul yadav

    Good quality. Makes all kind of coffee with or without milk. Long shelf life. Taste better than many others in the market.

  7. midda

    Would appreciate if 1kg pack is available. Since it’s a daily dose for me. Gets over too soon. dont like any other coffee other than this!!!

  8. Parineeta

    As a coffee addict, it is very customary for me to constantly be on the look out for that just perfect blend, which I prefer very dark and bitter of, and so far saga filter coffe was the only one that I’d found as close to perfect.

  9. Varun

    It won’t disappoint. Undoubtedly the best. Its flavour is very smooth. Worth the price. Have it black or with milk.

  10. Rahul

    I am hooked to this blend…love the taste and the aroma is fantastic…I usually don’t drink coffee but this has made me a coffee addict…

  11. aakash

    My second pack. Love the smell of this coffee. I prefer making black coffee using this powder. Reminds me of my childhood days in Kerala.

  12. Ajay

    Very refreshing. Rich flavor and amazing aroma of this coffee is enough to get a perfect start of the day.

  13. md. afsar

    Real Taste of Filter Coffee.
    Freshness in Decoction.
    Worth for Money.

  14. Riyasat ali

    It’s really good to have Saga coffee, can drink it hot or cold…

  15. Prasanth

    I am quite impressed with this product. I have used saga coffee powder. Its falvor, taste and quality is good. So i generally use one more teaspoon extra I like strong tea.

  16. Raja

    No chicory mixed. This special and premium variants are pure coffee. Tastes original and fine With out milk. But the south Indians may go with Extra variant rich chicory good taste with milk.

  17. Mano

    It’s 100% pure coffee with a great aroma and great taste. Tried this coffee brand for the first time and I must say I’m greatly impressed by their coffee. Will recommend it to everyone and will surely buy it again.

  18. Jaswant singh

    Good coffee – worth the money – flavor , aroma . Im a coffee officionado .
    Ideal , as coffee aroma is volatile hence best stored in smaller packs. It lasts a week at max and is fresh all week.
    Especially liked the fact that it is now available in packs of 200g .

  19. aman

    Easy to make coffee. True taste of filter coffee. Convenient satchets.

  20. Sheak shakir

    Oh my Goodness .. I still can’t believe it .. .
    Too awesome a Quality very reasonable price and
    Best Cofee the one wants to Buy and suchha good price.
    You will love the aroma texture n taste ..

  21. Yogyasri

    Got 2 packages of this coffee powder. The flavor was awesome!!! The coffee consistency is perfect. The aroma is great & that first sip is invigorating.
    I have no hesitation in recommending this coffee to all true lovers of filter coffee.

  22. Yuvansh

    This Filter coffee powder will do justice for my coffee craving. U Must have this coffee powder in your house. I will buy it again

  23. Yarush

    I used this blend with my French Press and it made the perfect cup of coffee! Will definitely be purchasing this again!

  24. Vijay

    In our house we need to buy 1kg coffee every month. So you can understand how much we love our filter coffee. It’s been a quest since forever to get the right taste and flavour. After rejecting almost every so called branded and non branded one’s i found this product. And we are hitched. Now we can have the perfect cup of strong aromatic amazing taste every time. For ever after.

  25. raja babu

    I dont normally rate anything 5 stars, however this product deserves this rating. Have tried many coffee powders across the globe, this one is right up there on the top.

  26. Kashvi

    Flavour aur smell, dono ka balance accha hai

  27. khadak singh

    Strong coffee with nice flavor making the filter coffee experience really enjoyable. Thanks SAGA. After trying many brands of coffee powder including the instant varieties, tried Saga Coffe powder after seeing the FB post.

  28. Nihal

    One Of the best flavoured coffee, I have ever tasted, Nicely balanced,
    One of the things I like about it is its aroma.

  29. sumit mitra

    As a coffee addict, bas maza aagaya bhai piney mei.

  30. sunder paal

    Super fast delivery by saga and good packing

  31. Vijayan

    Nice flavor and aroma .. Daily morning I will prefer this coffee beverage and it gives me required kick start.. The quality lives up to my expectations.

  32. chetan

    I miss my mom coffee and this Filter coffee powder will do that justice for my coffee craving. Must have coffee in house. I will buy it again

  33. manoj kumar

    This is truly great filter coffee with a unique, delightful flavour, and an absolute steal for the price. We’re switching immediately.

  34. Anandraj

    So so so so gooooooood..! Got addicted to aroma and taste of coffee for each sip…

  35. yamini

    Very good coffee. Flavour is great 👍 value for money.

  36. Balaji

    After experimenting with different blends of filter coffee, this one made me the coffee addictt.. Finally the taste of Bangalore coffee comes home.

  37. Sarala

    I loved it very much… finally a coffee that tastes like the coffee in coffee shop..

  38. Shikha

    Being a delhiites, was never a fan of fliter coffee but I have tried this one and loved it . It’s excellent. Cup of excellence for all the coffee lovers

  39. Rajan

    OMG! It is double strong and less sweet ,It was PERFECT! (I like less sugar).

  40. Malini

    The best thing is to be able to roast and grind your own beans, but Saga coffee seems like it is fresher than others. Well packed too. Home delivery seamless and quick. Ordered online. Will visit shop to check out more products. Add more variety of coffee.

  41. Nirmal

    It’s a good quality product, really loved it. Amazing delivery, received the product within 24 hours

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