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Special Upma Mix

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  • Upma, a most preferred breakfast by many.
  • Popular South Indian delicacy cooked as a thick porridge from dry roasted semolina.
  • Available in 7.05 Oz (200g)

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Upma is a snack so easy to pronounce, so easy to make and so filling as a breakfast.

It is made and consumed as a plain Upma or is also made along with few vegetables like carrot, green peas, onions and haricot beans.

The best part is that this snack can be made in a jiffy all fresh and piping hot. This snack actually originates from South India but over the years it is now to be seen across India and almost in every Indian state.

This healthy and tasty delicacy is even popular with the Indian diaspora outside India and a snack that makes its way into all the restaurant’s menu in India and overseas.

 A product that comes in a 200 gram packing.


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