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Butter Muruku (Chakli) – Crunchy Indian Snack

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A less spicy, twisted and crunchy fried snack. Saga Butter Muruku is a rice flour based fried snack. There are various Indian names to it but the taste is always unique.

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A less spicy, twisted, and crunchy fried snack.
Embark to explore the original Indian flavours of SAGA’s exquisite array of snacks and condiments prepared with love, care, and expertise. For those who prefer non-spicy, healthy, tasty, and crispy snacks, this is the perfect choice of a tempting titbit for you.
These spiral-shaped Murukkus, also known as Chakli in North India, have been infused with the perfect blend of Rice Flour, Urad Dal Flour (Black gram flour), Cumin, Ajwain, Salt, high-quality Vegetable Cooking Oil, Asafoetida, and Til or Sesame Seeds.
Grab SAGA’s murukku for a delightful balance of spicy and non-spicy flavours. Treat yourself, family, friends, and guests with this fun dainty. This is a vegetarian product with a shelf life of 6 months.
Store in an airtight container; stainless steel or glass jar is recommended.
Available in packages of 200 grams.

8 reviews for Butter Muruku (Chakli) – Crunchy Indian Snack

  1. Roshan

    Well packed and I Really enjoyed the taste, crispness and very fresh nature of the snacks

  2. Prathap

    Simply excellent. Very crispy and fresh. I Will purchase again.

  3. Mahat

    The taste is awesome and no preservatives are added. Feeling like homely snacks, and you will like it very much and perfect snack.

  4. Gautam

    It is very crispy !!! Feeling to eat more and more, This Butter Murukku is very Good in taste and Flavour is also Good.

  5. Harshika

    Taste is good, Butter flavor is the best and Murukku is very tastyy.

  6. Praveen

    Little bit spicy, good taste and Excellent product.

  7. Viswa

    This was awesome murukku….not like other packed snacks…this tastes just like home made

  8. Murali K

    Just amazing!

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