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Maddur Vada – Ready to Eat Snack

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  • A crispy, savoury, fried and soft from inside South Indian Snack.
  • Maddur Vada looks hard outside but extraordinarily tasty. This crunchy and cracker feeling will enhance your taste buds with a desire to have it more and more. It
    goes well as a snack with tea and coffee.
  • Available in 4.94 Oz (140g)

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A crispy, savoury, fried snack popular as a South Indian treat.
The genesis of the name can be traced to a town named Maddur in Karnataka. For those ardent foodies who crave crispy snacks perpetually, these delicious patties are just the right pick, a gratifying choice to satiate your hunger.
This treasured snack, the ideal choice for many, is the perfect blend of Refined Flour, Semolina or Suji, Rice Flour, Salt, Curry Leaves, Onion, Vegetable Cooking Oil, and Asafoetida.
Relish it as an evening snack accompanied by a sauce or chutney and a cup of hot filter coffee. You’ll want to go on for more after every finger licking bite. Store in an airtight container.
This is 100% Vegetarian with a lasting shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture. This natural product is available in packages of 140 grams.

22 reviews for Maddur Vada – Ready to Eat Snack

  1. Helda

    Fresh and Perfect Taste. Worth a try! Highly recommend! Love and thanks for the service.

  2. Deesha

    masaaledaar chaaval ke pataakhe pasand hain, mere bachche ise shaam ke naashte ke roop mein khaana pasand karate hain.

  3. Maathuran

    Very Good Product and Good Packing Quality.

  4. Shiv shakti singh

    Good taste, tastes same as fresh cooked one and value for money product

  5. Rahul sharma

    Easily recommended. Good in taste and easy to make.

  6. hemant

    Loved it came perfect round, taste and crispy, very tasty delicious easy to prepare nice product from Saga

  7. Aaghnya

    Good Taste…Maddur vada become my new favorite tea time snack, Thank you so much Saga…,

  8. Chakrika

    Saarey family waalo ko taste accha laga

  9. Ishaan

    Flavour is so good, it is very soft and crunchy

  10. preetam kumar

    Tel bhi kam laga aur crspy bhi ban gaya wah!

  11. Joseph

    Maddur vada become my new favorite tea time snack, Thank you so much… Saga.

  12. Aakhash

    Good quality and very hygiene in packing. Perfect snacks in snacks time

  13. Andrew

    It is very tasty. Not too oily. Overall, very nice

  14. Roshini

    Ordering more of these! The maddur vada’s are excellenttt…no oil in these!

  15. Sheila

    Worth buying. Product is freshly made and tastes good. Received this item in good condition, seems like seller has improved the packaging. Satisfied with my purchase.

  16. Mahesh

    The taste is really good and it’s really crispy. my kids love ❤️ to eat this as evening snacks. I’d love to order this again.

  17. Deepa

    The taste and the mix balance is very good. It was a repeated purchase and like last time , this time also the product is extremely good.

  18. Ramesh Babu

    It’s new, great in quality and healthy and handy to take around as a snack while traveling…My constant yearning for a spicy snack brought me here. And I loved this one.

  19. Vijaykumar

    The ingredients are healthy and packaging of the product is great. I bought it as party snacks for my family. They liked the taste. And i will purchase again.

  20. Shikha

    Go for it. So fresh and crispy. Worth the buy

  21. Raman

    Its tummy friendly. I am very satisfied with the product. Taste and Quality is excellent.

  22. suresh

    We love Maddur Vada, this just made it so much easier to enjoy it whenever we want without driving to Maddur when we feel like it. Moreover they deliver right to doorstep, really like the snacks. Will try other masalas too.

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