Health Benefits of Filter Coffee

It’s creamy, it’s frothy, and it’s intense. And it has a distinct flavour that makes it a favourite amongst coffee drinkers. Yes, we are talking about filter Kaapi, as it is famously known. So, have you ever wondered what makes this coffee stand tall enough to rival international brand coffee houses that dot the landscape? The answer is chicory! 

Chicory adds an intense aroma to coffee, drastically reducing the bitter taste. And a cup of this nectar is utter heaven! 

The chicory root is native to Europe, and surprisingly, it is one of the main ingredients in South Indian filter coffee. 

There was a time when chicory was used as a filler when there was a shortage of coffee, but it is still used to make South Indian filter coffee today. So how much chicory is too much in filter coffee? And more importantly, can ‘Kaapi’ be called that without chicory? You may find the answers in Saga Foods Filter Coffee.

So what are the health benefits of south Indian filter coffee? Let’s take a look!

The health benefits of filter coffee have a lot to do with the chicory present in it.

Chicory is good for your gut

There are large amounts of inulin in chicory. Inulin is a kind of dietary fibre that has curative properties. If you are thinking of the benefits of filter coffee, it improves digestion and may even control diabetes. 

Inulin is insoluble fibre and can pass undigested through the small intestines as it feeds the good bacteria present in your intestines. The beneficial gut bacteria reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and increase mineral absorption. It is good for constipation as your bowel movements improve. 

Chicory contains antioxidants too

A major benefit of drinking filter coffee is the ingredient chicory. It has good amounts of natural antioxidants, which we need to reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. 

Reduced free radicals mean your chances of getting heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and stroke reduce considerably.

Controls blood sugar

Chicory extracts contain blood sugar-controlling compounds, suggesting that chicory can delay the manifestation of diabetes, one of the main health benefits of filter coffee. 

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant found in filter coffee, and this may reduce glucose absorption and thus help in the regulation of blood sugar spikes. 

Chicory and weight loss

Chicory contains high levels of oligofructose besides fibre inulin. These help manage the production of amino acids that tell us we are full. When hunger pangs are curbed, weight loss is inevitable.

What makes filter coffee different?

It is a long, complicated process, and filter coffee making requires special equipment and skill. Not everyone can come up with an aromatic cup of filter coffee just by going through the process of roasting some coffee beans and adding chicory! And that’s what makes this coffee stand out from the crowd because it is made with care and has the right balance of coffee and chicory.


As mentioned, making this coffee requires a certain skill, and getting your hands on a cup of the delicious beverage isn’t always easy. But hey. All is not lost. You can get your cup of goodness just by clicking a few buttons. Try Saga, you won’t be disappointed!

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