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Idly – Dosa Chutney Powder (Podi/Mix)

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  • A flavourful condiment blended with lentils, seeds and spices to make a tasty Idli–Dosa Chutney Powder.
  • Saga Idli – Dosa Chutney Powder is a readyto-eat dry chutney (dry sauce) that tastes great on everything. With our fine-textured Chutney Powder, everything tastes better.
  • Available in 3.52 Oz (100g)

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A flavourful condiment blended with Lentils, Seeds, and Spices to furnish a delicious Idli Chutney (spicy sauce) Powder. Do you fancy to relish your South Indian breakfast without investing much effort and time in the preparation? Here’s the perfect accompaniment for your Idli, Dosa, Appam, Vada, Chapati, or any other type of Indian Bread, with a heavenly blend of authentic spices and quality pulses. They are crafted with love, and the exquisite quality of ingredients employed confers an absolute taste.
Make your Idli Chutney instantly, with our luscious Chutney Powder. This spicy Chutney Powder from SAGA gratifies your taste buds with an authentic flavour. The perfect amalgamation of Chillies, Guntur Chillies, Gram Dal, Urad Dal, Salt, Grated Coconut, Dry Tamarind, Jaggery, and Asafoetida.
The lentils have been coarsely ground and then blended with the aromatic spices to give it a sweet, sour, salty, and spicy zest.
This is 100% Vegetarian with a lasting shelf life of 8 to 10 months. It is available in packages of 100 grams.

29 reviews for Idly – Dosa Chutney Powder (Podi/Mix)

  1. Deepak

    It has awesome taste. Use it with ghee or as it is

  2. Vijay Virmani

    Good flavor. Remains fresh for long…

  3. Kamal

    This has been a lifesaver for us during the current lockdown! Very close to the real thing and is a regular feature in breakfast at our home!

  4. Rijul aggarwal

    Really liked the product. It is tasty and convenient to make in a hurry. It is a little too expensive for the quantity, though. But, no complaints about the quality.

  5. pawan

    I read some feedback about it being too spicy. Well, I didn’t find it so. Moreover, you can always add more water, if it’s too hot for your tastebuds.

    Handy for bachelors.

    Provides a great flavor and variety.

  6. yash mittal

    When you don’t have time for an elaborate breakfast and still want to eat idli or dosa this is a good accompaniment. Just heat a little ghee and mix this powder to make a paste, not too runny. You can also sprinkle powder while making plain dosa, on one side. Try it!

  7. vinit katariya

    Right amount of salt and chillies. Perfect granular powder. Mixed with ghee it will make great companion for idly or dosa and even with hot rice. Keep up the good quality.

  8. amit

    This has been a lifesaver for us during the current lockdown! Very close to the real thing and is a regular feature in breakfast at our home!

  9. Arvind kumar yadav

    Delicious and great on taste

  10. Badshya khan

    Loved it. Good taste. I buy it repeatedly its that good.

  11. Elena

    We are completely bowled over by this product. It is strong fresh and traditional. We have been using it regularly for quite some time now and are happy to find that extremely good standard is maintained uniformly.

  12. Chadna

    Time k saath swaad bhi badhiya

  13. Bhupender

    I liked this one a lot..its super easy to make, less time consuming and makes real soft n fluffy idlis..

  14. Sanjay

    One of the best quality product i have ever tasted so far.. simply excellent ..Saga is one of the best.. iv tried nearly 20 brands n disliked it all.. i would like to try their other products too.. this idly chutney powder is exactly tasting how we make at home..

  15. Sanjay charee

    Tastes very good, easy to make.

  16. Vaisu

    As always yum yum!!!

  17. Saira

    Time k saath swaad bhi badhiya

  18. sparsh

    Did not cause any stomach upsets. Good quality tasty podi and their choice of different level of spiciness and texture is innovative.

  19. maansingh aswal

    Bananey kaa kaam aasan hogaya aur jaldi bhi ban gaya with taste.

  20. Anand

    Flavour is very nice and I feel little bit spicy

  21. Abarna

    The perfect accompaniment for idli’s it has amazing texture and flavour, it blends like a dream with ghee and gingerly oil.

  22. Suraj

    One can eat directly with any food. Very appetizing .
    Recommended one for people’s who are time savers.
    Thanks to saga for delivering it quickly.

  23. Vineet

    The taste of the Chutney Powder is great and tasty.
    “Received in time and very well packed.

  24. Jayasri

    Taste was soo goodd…I would highly recommend this product to everyone to try this SAGA chutney powder atleast once.

  25. Ramesh

    Good Packaging from saga. Saga chutney powder is a dry powder which is used to prepare chutney and you can eat with idli’s and dosa’s.

  26. Prem chand

    Tried this chutney powder after reading positive reviews from SAGA. And yes it tastes very good. My family members liked it a lot. Thanks to Saga for satisfactory services always…

  27. Naval kishore

    Must buy
    Easy to make
    Tastes great
    Everything is perfect

  28. Sridhar

    What a taste with so much flavors , I ate it with ghee and rice , made podi dosa and podi idli , all tasted good. Please introduce Andhra dal powder too

  29. Mala

    This saves me a lot of time while giving me a comfort food feeling. Make fresh idli, dip it in ghee with Saga chutney powder. Yum! I can eat this everyday!

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