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Rasam Powder/Podi – South Indian Style

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  • An aromatic and spicy mixture of spices to bring out a South Indian style lentil soup called Rasam.
  • The perfect blend of South Indian spices, processed with paramount probity.
  • The authentic flavour of Saga Rasam takes you to all nuances of traditional taste.
  • Available in 3.52 Oz (100g)

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An aromatic and spicy mixture of spices, Rasam is synonymous with a South Indian style lentil soup.
The perfect amalgamation of Turmeric Powder, Jeera or Cumin Seeds, Pepper, Fenugreek, Mustard Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Byadgi Chillies, and Guntur Chillies, elevates this traditional soup made with SAGA Rasam Powder to a stellar stature.
Saga Rasam Powder/ Podi is the masala mix of a plethora of top-notch ground spices used to concoct an irresistible Rasam, a heartening, spicy, and light dish. This product is 100% vegetarian. So, get your pack of nutritious SAGA Rasam masala now and explore your healthy culinary skills.
This product has a shelf life of about 8 to 10 months and is available in pouches of 200 grams

28 reviews for Rasam Powder/Podi – South Indian Style

  1. Malar Anand

    Spicy not very fragnant but deliciousšŸ˜€šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹

  2. Subash

    Taste as well as the rasam. It is a good product.

  3. Narayan

    Very authentic and South Indian Rasam. Once you taste, you will get addicted to this brand. Keep up the good quality.

  4. Maran

    I am immensely pleased. A super product from saga.. It is very authentic and typically tastes like any rasam from Iyengar homes. Worth buying.

  5. Vanaja

    I prepared rasam using the rasam powder from Saga. It turned out to be super tasty and better than any other rasam powder that i have tried so far. I recommend this one.

  6. Sumit

    first time commercial rasam Powder with homely taste. very delicious with good aroma.

  7. Dharam singh

    I love to have rasam. Really nice and tasty. South Indian is one of my favorite cuisines. And this rasam powder has an authentic taste. I love it.

  8. Devi

    Loved the flavour and aroma. Super fast delivery by saga.

  9. vinnet

    Main har us vyakti ko salaah deta hoon jo ghareloo khaana pasand karata hai. paise ke lie achchha svaad aur mooly.

  10. Chakrik

    You can make Yummy and easy “Rasam” with this powder.

  11. nahar singh

    I used it while making tomato, onion and tamarind chutney and this enhanced the flavour so nicely!

  12. Lalit rana

    No hassles for using this powder.
    This rasam powder is spicy and tastes good.

  13. Preetam kumar

    Perfect taste and aroma with right blend of spices. Can’t imagine my lunch without it.

  14. Bhavna

    accha taste hai aur price bhi reasonable hai

  15. arunprakash

    Hearty and yummy, Very authentic flavour. Goes very well with papads!

  16. Rahman

    Maza aa gaya khaney mei. Banana bohot aasaan tha.

  17. sanjay

    This is the best Rasam powder I used for making rasam (thinner and runny in consistency & tomato based).

  18. Birender mandal

    It is perfect and I like that original taste as it tastes in Southern states of India like Kerala, Chennai etc…

  19. arvind kumar

    This masala is quite different from all the masala brands. The colour and taste is awesome. Highly recommended.

  20. gulshan

    It taste like freshly home made Rasam powder. Really good taste and itā€™s mildly spiced. Spice blend is perfect and there is no overpowering taste of one spice/chilies.

  21. shiv prakash

    Quality is good and I had a flavorful rasam after long time, highly recommended

  22. Preethi sharma

    Simply loved it so much, the aroma and spices are well blended

  23. Praveen

    very much satisfied with the quality and delivery.

  24. irfan muhal

    Hearty and yummy and very authentic flavour. Goes very well with papads! Builds a good appetite with Lovers of rice must try this Rasam mix . Very good like soup before main meals.

  25. devinder chadda

    Packing is quite good and there is no gear of breakage. A dependable product from SAGA and I received within 2 days in lockdown peroid.

  26. aman

    It is absolutely authentic home-made rasam powder, Taste and mix of species is best of all I tried in recent years.

  27. rahul

    Good aroma and very delicious First time commercial Rasam Powder with homely taste.

  28. Ishwarya

    Very Delicious and it is used in Cooking Every Things. Beautiful looking pouch, Very Reasonable Rates too Very Tasty.

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